How To Play

          In the past years, there have been a couple major oil spills in our oceans, and many habitats and animals have been threatened. My story takes place during the oil spills, and you as a player, are the clean-up crew. Help clean up the oil before all of the animals are killed and their “homes” are destroyed. My three levels are called ‘Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill’, ‘South Atlantic Oil Spill’, and ‘Rena Oil Spill’.

          In 2011, the Gulf of Mexico’s oil spill threatened many different species, and you need to clean up all of the oil. In the level, the points are the oil. Thousands of tons of oil spewed across the gulf. Also, the enemies are more cargo ships that have more oil in them. If you run into them, then you will loose a life. The goal block acts as land to rest on between levels. Getting to the goal block isn’t going to be easy. You will have to collect all of the oil, avoid all of the ships, and make it to the goal within a time limit. Good luck!

          Also, there was a lot of oil spilled in the South Atlantic Ocean area. The most threatened animal was the Rockhopper Penguins native to that area. The rules are pretty much the same as in level one. The points are oil that was spilled. The enemies are cargo ships, and the goal is a resting space. The only difference is that the enemies can shoot now, and you can’t. The time limit will expand, but there will still be one. The Rockhopper penguins are in huge trouble and you need to save them! Tons and tons of oil is loose in their habitat! Hurry and get to the goal block! Avoid the ships that shoot! Happy cleaning!

          Lastly, there is the Rena Oil Spill, the third and final level. It is also the most challenging. There are a lot more enemies that shoot, and the game itself is bigger. You have a time limit and the goal block is at the top. You have to back-track a lot to get all of the oil. If you don’t get all of it and get to the goal before the time limit, you loose. You also have to jump more. When you jump, it has to be at the right time or else you fall down and loose the game. It is challenging, but the animals need you! Collect all of the oil and avoid the ships before time runs out!

          In conclusion, the oil spills in the past have threatened our oceans and the animals that live in them. Go back in time and clean up all of the oil in the ‘Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill’, the ‘South Atlantic Oil Spill’, and the ‘Rena Oil Spill’. Collect all of the oil in time limits, whileavoiding enemies that shoot, and help clean your way to a healthier environment.

The Adventures of The Snowflake!

One winter morning, the snow was falling violently, but I was having a good time in my purple, puffy, warm snow suit, fuzzy hat and snowflake gloves. My friends went inside to get some hot cocoa. There was a big hill of snow that the snowplow had pushed down to the end of the cull-de-sack, and I was determined to dig to the bottom. As I dug chunks of ice and clumps of snow fell on me, causing me to fall through a hole in the snow pile, where I hit my head on some ice and passed out. When I finally woke up, it was night time. I wasn’t really cold though I was still in the hole I had fell through earlier. I look down, and to my surprise, I wasn’t wearing my awesome purple, puffy, warm snowsuit anymore. I couldn’t tell what I was wearing though. I was glowing. I started to tingle. I started to spin, and the next thing I know, I’m out of the hole and in my cull-de-sack. I was wearing uggs, an ice necklace which made where the icy bead was sitting feel very cold. I had a crystal blue, sparkling cape that flapped gracefully in the December wind. It had stopped snowing. My mom opened the front door and yelled, “Get your butt in here! You’ve been outside for 6 hours!!”

I later realized that I couldn’t take any of this stuff off. The next day in school, we were playing kick ball inside. I stepped up to the plate and the ball rolled towards me. I kicked the ball with much power, but as it soaring through the gym, it started to freeze. The ball slowed down and dropped onto the floor, a big chunk of ice. I thought, “Cool! That was pretty wild…” But I didn’t really think of it as any more than a coincidence.

That night when I was studying the (still freezing cold) necklace, I must have pressed something; before I knew it, there was a huge ice cream cone in my hand. I didn’t think of this as a coincidence. (I take ice cream very seriously.) As I ate my ice cream, I thought…and thought…and thought some more. “I…am a SUPER HERO!” I said out loud. “I shall call myself…The Snowflake!!”

“You’re gonna call yourself the what??” My mom yelled from two stories down. I guess I said it too loudly. Oops.

I then decided I was going to be a hero, not a villain. No one likes a villain. Plus, I had nothing to be hatred towards. I didn’t hate anybody or hate any thing. So I declared myself a hero.

People looked at me funny in school, so I had to start wearing big coats and leotards to cover up my costume. That didn’t work. My costume fused through my coats and leotards. I had to wear my costume to school. I told lies to all of my friends about it. I told them I was dressing for the weather. They didn’t believe that. I think it was mostly because my costume was a short dress with a cape.

I then realized that I had to literally be a hero. When somebody was getting mugged or something I was supposed to save them…or something. I decided to walk home from school one day to see if I could save somebody. Sure enough, I heard a scream down an alley. I turned the corner to find a man in a ski mask trying to take an elderly woman’s purse. I sprung into a very awkward news worthy fashion saving technique that I saw on TV.

“Stop, you criminal!” I pointed my boot at him (very awkwardly) and it turned him into ice. I ran towards them and tried to break his hand off of the woman’s purse. (She had a hold on the handle and he had a hold of the bag part. They were connected by the purse and it was half frozen. Nice going, Snowflake.) I smashed him hand off of the purse. The woman cried, “Thank you, teenager.” and she ran off. I then hulled the criminal down to the police station and turned him in.

I think I can do this, I thought. And I walked home.

That is how I got my powers, how I coped with them, and my first attempt at being a hero.

Seminar Project: Plot Analysis

 Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Author: AVI

Pages: 297

Plot Analysis



Plot Development

Setting: (Page 1) it says at the top of the pageENGLAND, A.D. 1377

Protagonist: Crispin

Antagonist: John Aycliff, the one-eyed man, his whole village, and anybody who knows that he is a wolf’s head.

Conflict: Crispin vs John Aycliff, the one-eyed man, his whole village, anybody that knows that he’s a wolf’s head, and the law.

Setting: The setting takes place in 1377 A.D. England. This time period is known as the middle ages. On page 1, at the top of the page, it says ‘ENGLAND, A.D. 1377’. This is the time period after the Bubonic Plague. It is the time period before the Renaissance. It takes place in different villages throughoutEngland.

Characters: On page 37, Father Quinel says, “When I baptized you, you were named…Crispin.” Crispin is the protagonist. The antagonist is Aycliff. On page 14, Crispin says, “The steward, John Aycliff, never lost an opportunity to remind us of the fact that we were villains…” Aycliff is the one who declared Crispin a wolf’s head, meaning that anyone could kill him because of a crime committed. (He didn’t commit the crime, though.)

Conflict: The conflict of the story is basically that Crispin is a wolf’s head and he needs to get out, and remain hidden. On page 41, Quinel says, “Tomorrow, I’ll explain. Just remember, God mends all. Now go, and stay well hidden.”

Prediction: I think that at the end of the book, Crispin is a descendent of Lord Furnival and he takes the title of Lord Crispin. On page 88, Bear asked Crispin what his name is and Cripsin tells him. Then Bear says, “Crispin. That’s too fine and noble a name for such rubbish as you.” He’s basically saying names like that are for people of more importance. I think he’s Lord Furnival’s son or descendant.

Seminar Project: The Main Character

Crispin: The Cross of Lead

Author: AVI

Pages: 297

Protagonist: Crispin


– External Description:

Crispin is 13 years old. He has black long hair, and the author says that he has a dirty and bruised face, and red rimmed eyes. In the book, a character named Bear cuts Crispin’s hair in order to protect his identity. Crispin only has one outfit that he almost never washes. On page 119,  Bear says, “Think what you might become if you were cleansed of thirteen years of dirt, neglect, and servitude.” He probably hasn’t had a bath for weeks. He has cuts all over his body from running through the forest. He has scrapes on his face and on his arms and legs. He also wears a leather bag around his neck with the

Internal Descriptions: Adjective #1: staunch

 In the story, Bear proclaims Crispin his servant, and Crispin doesn’t really question it. On page 82, Bear makes Crispin repeat after him, ‘ “On the sacred name of Jesus,” said Bear, “On the sacred name of Jesus,” Crispin repeated, “That I will be your servant,” “That I will be your servant,”  “That if I default, “If I default…” The word caught my throat. It was a dreadful thing he was making me swear. One could never break such vows. “Say it,” he cried, his dagger drawing closer. In fear of my life, I said, “If I default…” Bear continued, “May the all-seeing God strike me dead where I stand.” “May the all-seeing God…strike me dead.” “Where I stand,” Bear corrected, “Where I stand.” “Done,” he proclaimed. Then he put his dagger aside and tossed me a piece of bread. “Now you are mine, or God will chew you up and spit you out like the filth wolf’s head you are.” ‘

Crispin is staunch to bear, or devoted to him, loyal to him. On page 94, Bear said,’ “…and don’t call me sir.” “Why?” asked Crispin. “It’s servile.” answered Bear. “But you’re my master.” Bear’s answer was a growl.’

Adjective #2: apprehensive

I find Crispin to be very apprehensive. On page 140, Bear and Crispin enter a village to play the recorder and perform for money. Bear said ‘ “…now, play.” Although nervous, I put the pipe to my mouth and began to make music.’ In the passage, Crispin is claimed to be a fugitive, and everyone knows about hm. He is really nervous as to if someone will recognize him.

Another example on page 202, ‘Hearing my name called so terrified me, I stopped and turned around. The man had drawn closer, but as I can not see his face, I shrank away.’ In the book, anybody besides his guardian at the time, Bear, who knows his name really frightens him.

Adjective #3: insubordinate  

On page 181-182, Bear specifically told Crispin not to leave his solar room on top of the Green Man Tavern for the sake and well-being of his life. Crispin disobeyed him. ‘At the base of the steps, I decided it would be better if I didn’t use the front door, lest they see me. Instead, I made a sharp turn and went along the narrow hall. At the end of it, I reached a small door. Pushing it open, I stepped into an alley that had the most appalling stench.” and then it says  ‘…shutting the door behind me, I raced away.

Adjective #4: abashed

On page 1, Crispin describes, ‘The day after my mother died, the priest and I wrapped her body in grey shroud and carried her to the village church. We passed village fields where people work in the rain and mud. No one knelt. They simply starred. As they have shunned my mother in life, they shun her now. As for me, I felt, as I often did, ashamed.’

On page 3, he says, ‘It was always hard for me to look on others.‘ Throughout the story, you can tell that no one really liked Crispin or Crispin’s mom for an unknown reason that we have yet to find out. He is ashamed of his mother and how everyone shuns them both.


 So, I woke up this morning in jail….I don’t really know what happened…but OH, look! In my pocket, I just found a peanut, a DTV Notice Slip, a tomato, Mr. Peglow’s new baby, and a broken computer.

Now I remember what happened last night! I found a whole new universe in my closet! They were having a party. It looked fun, so I stepped in and close the door behind me. Right away, a waitress gave me a complimentary ‘Other World’ peanut, but I wasn’t hungry so I put it in my pocket for later. I sat down at a table next to Mr. Peglow, his wife, and his two children. We all said hello and chatted about Edublogs and how much fun it is. Then, the music got louder and everyone started chanting my name- including Mr. Peglow’s baby. 🙂 They ushered me to the stage. I started dancing uncontrollably to a song called Exploding Brains. I danced the song that went along with it called Expo-Brains that involves vigorous movement of the arms and legs. I felt awesome. Then, a Dance Officer in the front row threw a Dancing Too Vigorously slip and motioned me off the stage, but I refused and continued my awesome dance. I placed the slip in my pocket because if you litter on the stage, you will be fined. Then, some nutty dude, (literally, he had too many complimentary peanuts) threw a tomato at me, which I surprisingly caught and placed in my pocket, (I have a love for tomatoes) and continued dancing.

Then, Mr. Peglow started yelling at me. He was saying, “Get off the stage! You are a horrible dancer, and you’re making my baby cry! You call that dancing? Come on!?” That really made me mad. So I jumped off the stage, and in the heat of the moment, I snatched Mr. Peglow’s baby out of his arms and started running. She was a little big to fit in my pocket, but with a little effort, she fit in perfectly. Mr. Peglow’s wife was going nuts. She was jumping on top of tables like a mad man. Mr. Peglow looked around frantically but the only thing he had around him was his computer, so he threw it at me. I didn’t catch it but it lands in front of me, and I pick it up and stuff it in my other pocket. (Along with the tomato. the slip and the peanut.) I almost reach my closet door when I feel a strong grip on my right arm. It’s the police officer that tossed me the DTV Slip. He then took my into Other World Jail for the Troubled Dancers That Refuse to Get Off the Stage When They Receive a Dancing Too Vigorously Slip, or the OWJTCTRGOSWTRDTVS facility, where I fell asleep.

I am now in jail, and I’m going to be released on November 54, 5 years from now. I wonder when Mr. Peglow will come for his baby…?

500 words


My Digital Footprint

When I typed my name into a google search with my town on the end, nothing came up. When I took off my town, it came up with a bunch of entires about someone with my name on Facebook and on LinkedIn, which is funny because I don’t have a Facebook or a LinkedIn. It’s cool to find out that someone else has the exact same name as you! 🙂 I also typed in my mom’s name and it came up with a BUNCH of entries on her on Facebook, LinkedIn, The American Red Cross, and stuff like that. 😉 It also came up with her name, our address, and then it was tagged on White Pages. It’s pretty cool what kind of digital footprint you can make without even knowing that you are doing it! 🙂



My Top 5 Months(:


My top five will be about my favorite months.
1.) My number one, all time favorite month would have to be November for a couple reasons. My first reason is that my birthday is in November. (Nov. 2) Also, Thanksgiving is in November (obviously) and my family makes THE BEST food EVER. Also, I loooove Fall. Fall is the best season evrrrrr, and it just happens to be in November. (Haha) Another reason that I loooove November is that the weather is AMAZING. You can wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt during the day, (which I LOVEEE) but at night, it’s a  little chilly, so you’ll have to wear a sweatshirt (which I also looove). GO FALL! 🙂



2.) My second favorite month would have to be December. To be honest, I don’t really like sunny weather. 🙂 I like gloomy snowy days- which is why I chose December as my #2. Plus, in December, my mom lights AMAZING SMELLING candles that fill the house with scents of cinnamon and cloves. One of my favorite ‘activities’ to do during December is to drink hot chocolate after coming in from playing in the snow. (I don’t really like playing in the snow, but I will if my neighbors are out.) And if I do play in the snow, my favorite place to do so is in my cul-de-sac. The snow plow pushes a TON of snow down to the end of our court and it makes a huge snow mound which we make tunnels in.


3.) My third favorite month is October. Are you sensing a theme? I love Fall(: October is especially cool because of Halloween! I mean, who doesn’t like getting a ton of candy that will last everyone a whole year but we eat it in one night anyway? 🙂 October is cool because there’s a lot of scary haunted houses open in town that you can walk around in. 😉 I love those too. And we get to carve pumpkins and put the seeds in the oven to ma pumpkin seeds! Mmmm(:

4.) My fourth favorite month would have to be January, simply put because we have the most off-from-school snow days in January. 🙂 Also, New Year’s Eve is a fun time in my family. I mean, what else brings a family closer together than a lit up ball, party hats and a  new year? 😉 January is also a very beautiful month because just around January does the snow start to ice over. And I don’t know about you guys, but at night, there’s a light in the middle of our court that lights up the fresh snow. It looks so beautiful. **Please note that I did not take that picture.


5.) My fifth favorite month would have to be July. I do love the 4th of July, and I love spending it with my family. It is very hot in July, but I’m ok with that because it is the hottest month, so I spend a lot of time in a pool. 🙂 My family also goes on lots of vacations to beaches and resorts, which I also LOVE doing!


Did you pick up on my theme yet? My top 5 moths also just happen to have a holiday in them. 🙂

Bucket List

Before I die, I would like to do many things.

1. I would like to visit all 50 states, yes, including Alaska and Hawaii. I’ve already been to Tennessee, Virgina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania (I live in Pennsylvania) Maryland, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, and New Jersey. Only 40 more to go!

2. I would also like to go parasailing. My cousins have gone parasailing and they said that it was the best experience ever. I would like to parasail because, to be honest, I’m a little afraid to! I feel like I have to just to prove to myself that I did.


3. I would like to go to the Superbowl one year. I just think it would be really fun to go with my closest friends and family! I love watching games with my family, but I’ve never been to an actual pro football game, and I would really like to! Go RAVENS!


4. I would also want to go to a taping of a TVshow. There’s not  much to explain about that….I just think it would be awesome to see how they tape the show (whichever show that may be) and what the actors are like in real life.

5. One of my biggest dreams is to have a book published under my name. I would LOVE that people would pick up and read my book. I have been writing stories since I was really little. My favorite genres are Mystery/Murder Mystery, Mystery Paranormal, and Realistic Fiction

6. One thing I really want to do is climb the Rocky Mountains. I would have such a feeling of accomplishment.


7. I would also like to go to Brazil in time for Carnival. I could dress up in colorful costumes and parade down the streets with the other paraders. (Haha)

8. I would like to experience an earthquake. I did not feel the most receint one, and I would’ve really liked to…I would like to feel one, but maybe one a little smaller than the one in my picture….


9. One day, I want to be in a Broadway play. I am following in my Aunt’s footsteps. She is currently in New York trying to pursue her dream of performing on Broadway. She’s been in about (or over) 25-30 plays so far.

10. And lastly, I would someday like to study tornadoes. There’s something about them that peaks my interest. Whenever we are allowed to do an independent study in class, I almost always choose tornadoes. You can never learn too much!

About Me!

Name: Maddie

Grade: 7th

I live in: PA

My Interests: writing, cheerleading, acting

My Personality: Quirky; I do not like the drama, I am a little awkward and clumsy…but I’m fun to be around!

Favorite Movies: I like Spice World, Bee Movie, I Am Number Four and Beastly.

Favorite TV Shows: My favorite shows include, Victorious, iCarly and George Lopez.

Favorite Music Genre: I think I enjoy pop the best.

Favorite Books: I liked Deep and Dark and Dangerous, and The Hunger Games.

Righty or Lefty: Righty

A weird fact about myself: When I was little, I had my tonsils and adenoids removed, and I had tubes put in my ears.